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Theresa Burt, founder of BTS, married to John Burt, were blessed with three sons and two daughters (one whom is developmentally challenged).  Being the mother of a challenged daughter, Mrs. Burt knew other parents in Toronto who also had children with special needs, but were without a program to attend.

Mrs. Burt and these parents formed a specialized program called the East York Explorers in a local community church basement.  The program was geared towards developing a better quality of life for their special needs children.  Demand for the program increased dramatically as many more parents and caregivers wanted their sons and daughters to be enrolled.

The parents identified transportation as a major concern and an issue for the success of the program.  Due to the lack and availability of transportation, Mrs. Burt volunteered her services to ensure continuity of this special program and began transporting children in the Burt family’s blue Dodge station wagon.

Demand for the program grew, and they realized the need for the expertise of a dedicated, funded community agency to take over this expanding program.  They selected Metropolitan Toronto Association for Community Living (MTACL) – now known as Community Living Toronto (CLT).  MTACL setup a new ADP (adult development program) service and requested that Mrs. Burt continue her transportation service on a contractual basis, given her obvious expertise, sensitivity and commitment.  Forty plus-years later, BTS has grown to become the largest private special needs transportation provider of its kind in Ontario, through the appreciation and recognition from agencies, staff, families, and clients alike.

BTS now services several dozen agencies/programs, seniors groups and mobility impaired persons in the Toronto area and uses more than 200 drivers, staff and volunteers, and continues to grow and expand.

Since its founding in 1967, BTS (a private company) has worked extensively assisting community and non-profit agencies, coordinating, managing, and tracking transportation via software and innovative technologies.  During this time BTS has donated, provided service in-kind and subsidized rides in the millions of dollars.  Last year (2008), BTS provided nearly 1,000,000 rides to persons with disabilities and an additional 1,000,000 shuttle rides (able-bodied). 

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